Russell Endean 'Handled the Ball'

The batsman set record ‘Handled the Ball’ being dismissed in strange way

Russell Endean gave out for obstructing fielding in debut test

‘Handled the Ball’

In cricket, you must have seen a player get out of a strange way many times. Seeing this, you may not have been able to stop your laughter too many times. Such incidents are found in this game only. One of these strange ways of getting out on a pitch of 22 yards is the rule of ‘Handled the Ball’. Born on this day i.e. 31st May 1924, the player we are going to talk about is the first player in the world of cricket to be out from the Handled The Ball rule. Not only this, but the player also holds the record of being part of the twilight out story in his debut match. He was then a part of an incident that was called out for delivering Obstructing The Field. Let’s explain the story of Russell Endean.

In fact, South African player Russell Andean was ruled out in 1956–57 due to the Handled the Ball rule in a Test match played against England in Cape Town. He is the first cricketer in the world to be dismissed like this. He then tried to stop a ball hitting England spinner Jim Laker from the stumps with palms, after which he was declared out. Interestingly, Russell Andean is also associated with a strange incident in his test debut.

Russell Endean career was like this for South Africa

He then played his debut test against England at the Oval in 1951. In this match, England batsman Len Hutton tried to stop Andean from taking a catch. In fact, while trying to catch the shot of Hutton by Andean, Hutton interrupted Andean to take a catch while taking a run. In such a situation, Hutton was declared out under the rule of obstructing the field. Hutton, who was dismissed in this way, became the first cricketer in the world and with this, Andean’s name was also recorded with him in cricket history forever. Russell Andean has played 28 Test matches for South Africa. In this, he has scored 1630 runs at an average of 33.95 and with the help of 3 centuries and 8 half-centuries. His best score is 162 not out. Apart from this, Russell has scored 7757 runs in 134 first-class matches while his best score was 247 runs. Russell has an average of 37.83 in first-class cricket while he also has 15 centuries and 34 half-centuries to his name.

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