BCCI in action after revelations on women's team, announced payment of reward soon, explained the reason for the delay,

BCCI in action after revelations on women’s team, announced payment of reward soon, explained the reason for the delay

The British newspaper had revealed that the Indian women’s cricket team is not paid the prize money to reach last year’s World Cup final.

The BCCI has said that they had received prize money late from the ICC.

BCCI in Action

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has said that all players will get their share by the end of this week, after the revelation that the Indian Women’s Cricket Team has not received the prize money for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup held last year. In the T20 World Cup held in Australia last year, the Indian team made it to the final, where the team had to face defeat at the hands of the hosts. The Indian team had to get 5 lakh dollars i.e. about 3.5 crore rupees as a reward. In a report of a British newspaper on Sunday, it is revealed that the Indian board has not paid this amount to the players even after one year. (after this BCCI in action )

The British newspaper The Telegraph revealed in its report on Sunday that the Indian board did not distribute the prize money to the players for the final on March 8 last year, after more than a year had passed. It is told in the report that the champion Australian and third-placed England had distributed their prize money within one to two months.

BCCI got prize money late

Since the news came, questions have been raised once again about the functioning of the Indian board and its behavior regarding women’s cricket. Now the BCCI has said that the players will be paid soon. A senior board official told PTI on Sunday,

“Members of the Indian Women’s Cricket team will get their share of the prize money by the end of this week. The process has started and I hope they get their share soon.”

When asked the reason for the delay (why BCCI in action so late) in payment to the team, the board official said that the board itself had received the prize money by delay. According to the official, “We received prize money at the end of last year.”

These reasons also delay payments

The BCCI has not paid salaries and contract fees from domestic cricket to the senior men’s team since last year. A recent report reported that the board has not paid their salaries to team players since last year.

According to the information, it takes three to four months for the payment of players from all teams (all age groups) in the BCCI. This is also attributed to delay in payments. Not only this, since last year, the headquarters of the board in Mumbai has been closed due to Coronavirus, due to which there has been a delay in all types of payments…


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