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Brendan Taylor: Statement over spot-fixing approached by Indian businessman

Brendan Taylor:

(Brendan Taylor) Zimbabwe’s Cricketer recently released his statement, where he told the world about how he was approachedby an Indian businessman for a spot-fixing, the businessman approached Brendan Taylor about some sponsorships and launching a T20 competition in Zimbabwe in the year 2019.

in his statement, he told that he abused some banned substances, and he wanted to protect his family thus why he delayed the reporting the approach for spot-fixing

We had drinks and during the course of the evening they openly offered me cocaine, which they themselves engaged in, and
foolishly took  the bait.” The men he had met, Taylor said, stormed into his hotel room the next day, and threatened to release video of the substance
abuse unless he carried out spot-fixing for them. He was given USD 15,000 – which he said he took to flee India –
and told it was a deposit for a future payment once the fix was carried out.
“It took me 4 months to report this offense and interaction to the ICC,” Taylor said.
“I acknowledge this was too long of a time but  I thought I could protect everyone and in particular, my family.
I approached the ICC on my own terms and I hoped that if explained my predicament, my genuine fear for our safety and wellbeing, they would understand the delay.
“Unfortunately, they did not, but I cannot feign ignorance in this regard. I have attended many anti-corruption seminars over the years and we know that time is of the essence when making reports.”
Taylor also said he had “never been involved in any form of match-fixing. I may be many things but I am not a cheat.
My love for the beautiful game of cricket far outweighs and surpasses any threats which could be thrown my way.”

No Comments yet from ICC

The ICC has yet to comment on Taylor’s statement, and if he does – as he said – face a ban on his international cricket career, it’s worth noting he does not have much of one at the moment: in September last year, he retired from international cricket, after a 17-year career.

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