CSK vs DC 2021 Score | Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021 Match 2 Result | Prithvi Shaw-Shikhar Dhawan’s brilliant half-century, Delhi beat Chennai by 7 wickets

CSK vs DC 2021 Score | Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals

MUMBAI: Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan’s brilliant half-centuries helped Delhi Capitals to a winning start to their 14th IPL season. Delhi beat Chennai by 7 wickets Chennai had challenged Delhi for 189 runs to win. Delhi completed the challenge in 18.4 overs for the loss of 3 wickets. Shikhar Dhawan top-scored for Delhi with 85 runs. Prithvi Shaw hit 72 off just 38 balls. These two laid the foundation for Delhi’s victory. The duo put on an opening partnership of 138 for Delhi. From Chennai, Shardul Thakur took 2 wickets and Dwayne Bravo took 1 wicket.



Match Highlights


  • Prithvi Shaw-Shikhar Dhawan’s brilliant half-century

    The Delhi openers responded to Chennai’s 189-run challenge. Both Delhi openers laid the groundwork for the victory by scoring striking half-centuries. Shaw hit 72 off just 38 balls. It includes 3 sixes and 9 fours. Shikhar hit 85 off 54 balls. It included 2 sixes and 10 fours.

  • Chennai bowlers fail

    In today’s match, all the bowlers of Chennai failed. Shardul Thakur took two wickets but he scored 53 runs in 3.4 overs. Dwayne Bravo took 1 wicket for 28 runs in 4 overs. None of the other bowlers had success. Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan washed all the Chennai bowlers except Bravo.

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  • 11 APR 2021 00:07 AM (IST)

    Delhi’s victorious start


    Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan’s brilliant half-centuries helped Delhi Capitals to a winning start to their 14th IPL season. Delhi beat Chennai by 7 wickets Chennai had challenged Delhi for 189 runs to win. Delhi completed the challenge in 18.4 overs for the loss of 3 wickets.

  • 10 APR 2021 22:47 PM (IST)

    Delhi needed 151 for 1 in 15 overs and needed 38 runs to win


    Delhi has scored 151 runs in 15 overs. Delhi needs 38 off 30 balls to win.

  • 10 APR 2021 22:45 PM (IST) 

    First blow to Delhi, Prithvi Shaw dismissed for 72 runs



    The first blow has hit Delhi Capitals. Opener Prithvi Shaw is out for 72 runs. Moin was recently caught by Dwayne Bravo’s bowling and Shaw was dismissed. (Delhi 138/1)

  • 10 APR 2021 22:32 PM (IST)

    Earth show skyscraper sixes



    In the 15th over of the match, Prithvi Shaw hit a skyscraper six off Moin Ali’s bowling to strengthen Delhi’s position. (Delhi 136/0)

  • 10 APR 2021 22:21 PM (IST) 

    Shikhar Dhawan’s half century


    Shikhar Dhawan has completed his half century after Prithvi Shop. Shikhar completed 50 off 35 balls with 2 sixes and 4 fours. (Delhi 107/0)

  • 10 APR 2021 22:17 PM (IST) 

    Earth show’s explosive half-century


    Delhi Capitals opener Prithvi Shaw has hit a smashing half-century in his first match of the tournament. He hit 52 off 27 balls with seven fours and two sixes.

  • 10 APR 2021 22:09 PM (IST)

    Spinners break Delhi’s pace


    After washing the fast bowlers, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has handed over the ball to the spinners. As a result, Delhi’s pace has slowed down. The Delhi openers were able to score 5 runs each in the seventh and eighth overs (Delhi 75/0 in 8 overs).

  • 10 APR 2021 21:55 PM (IST)

    Prithvi Shaw’s attack, three fours in a row on Shardul Thakur’s bowling



    In the fifth over of the match and in the first over of Shardul Thakur’s individual, Prithvi Shaw has attacked. Prithvi Shaw hit three fours in a row in Shardul’s over and scored 17 runs in the over.

  • 10 APR 2021 21:52 PM (IST)

    Shaw-Dhawan’s half-century in 4.4 overs



    Prithvi Shaw hit a brilliant four off the fourth ball of the 5th over to give Delhi a half-century.

  • 10 APR 2021 21:46 PM (IST)

    Shaw-Dhawan’s batting start in Delhi



    The Delhi openers, who came on the field after Chennai’s 189-run challenge, got off to a flying start. Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan have started batting. Delhi have scored 36 runs in 3.4 overs. On the fourth ball of the fourth over, Dhawan took an aggressive stance by hitting a brilliant six off Sam Karan.

  • 10 APR 2021 21:20 PM (IST)

    189-run challenge for Delhi


    Chennai Super Kings have challenged Delhi Capitals for 189 runs to win. Chennai lost 7 wickets in the allotted 20 overs and scored 188 runs. Mr. IPL’s Raina from Chennai was the top scorer with 54 runs. Moin Ali scored 36 and Sam Karan 34 runs. From Delhi, Awesh Khan and Chris Vokes took 2 wickets each.

  • 10 APR 2021 21:08 PM (IST)

    23 runs in 19 overs


    Chennai scored 23 runs in the 19th over. Sam Karan bowled Tom Karan in this over. Sam hit 2 sixes in a row in this over. He then hit 1 four.


  • 10 APR 2021 21:06 PM (IST) 

    2 sixes in a row by Sam Karan



    Sam Karan hit two sixes in the 19th over off Tom Karan.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:58 PM (IST) 

    Chennai completed 150 runs in 17 overs


    Chennai have crossed the 150-run mark. Chennai have completed 150 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 17 overs. Sam Karan and Ravindra Jadeja are playing.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:52 PM (IST)

    Dhoni returns without bursting



    Chennai skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made a disappointing start to his 14th season. Dhoni was dismissed for zero in the opening match against Delhi. Dhoni couldn’t even blow a pumpkin.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:48 PM (IST)

    Raina run out



    Suresh Raina, who was set on the field, has been run out. Raina hit a magnificent 54 off 36 balls with the help of 3 fours and 4 sixes.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:44 PM (IST) 

    Fourth blow to Chennai



    Chennai have lost their fourth wicket. The fourth blow has come in the form of Ambati Rayudu. Rayudu was caught out in the middle of the innings. Rayudu scored 23 runs.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:42 PM (IST) 

    Suresh Raina’s brilliant half-century



    Suresh Raina has made a strong comeback in the IPL after a year. Raina has completed a half-century off 32 balls with sixes against Delhi.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:26 PM (IST) 

    Raina’s strong shot



    Suresh Raina, who has returned to Chennai after a year, is batting brilliantly. In the 12th over of the match, Amit Mishra bowled 17 runs. Raina hit two sixes.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:15 PM (IST) 

    Raina’s brilliant six



    Mr IPL hit a brilliant six off the last ball of the ninth over off Ashwin. With this, Chennai’s score is 66 for 3 in 9 overs.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:12 PM (IST)

    Third blow to Chennai, Moin Ali out



    Chennai have lost the third wicket. Chennai lost the third wicket as Moin Ali made his debut for Chennai. Ali was playing well. It was set. But he was caught out for 36 in the middle of the innings. Shikhar Dhawan caught Moin well. Moin scored 36 runs.

  • 10 APR 2021 20:05 PM (IST) 

    Suresh Raina and Moin Ali saved Chennai’s innings


    Suresh Raina and Moin Ali have saved Chennai’s innings. Chennai lost the first 2 wickets instantly. Faf du Plessis returned without bursting the pumpkin. Rituraj Gaikwad was dismissed for 5 runs. Chennai lost both their wickets by 7 runs. So Chennai got off to a bad start. But then veteran Raina and Moin, who made his debut from Chennai, recovered the innings.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:47 PM (IST) 

    Another blow to Chennai



    Chennai has suffered another blow. Rituraj Gaikwad is out. Chris Vokes caught Gaikwad in the slips by Shikhar Dhawan. 
  • 10 APR 2021 19:42 PM (IST) 

    First blow to Chennai


    Chennai has suffered its first blow. Awesh Khan has lbw out Faf du Plessis to zero.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:34 PM (IST) 

    Chennai and Rituraj started with fours



    Chennai and Rituraj Gaikwad have made a great start to the 14th season of the IPL with fours. Rituraj hit a four off Chris Vokes.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:31 PM (IST) 

    Chennai’s batting begins


    Chennai’s batting has started. The opening pair of Rituraj Gaikwad and Faf du Plessis are playing on the field.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:16 PM (IST) 

    Playing XI of Young Delhi Capitals


    Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw, Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (captain), Amit Mishra, Awesh Khan, Marcus Stoinis, Shimran Heitmeyer, Chris Vokes, Ravichandran Ashwin and Tom Karan.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:15 PM (IST) 

    Chennai’s last 11 stoners


    Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Deepak Chahar, Dwayne Bravo, Faf du Plessis, Ravindra Jadeja, Rituraj Gaikwad, Shardul Thakur, Sam Karan and Moin Ali.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:10 PM (IST)

    Debut of 2 players from Delhi


    Delhi have given 2 players a chance to make their debut. All-rounders Chris Vokes and Tom Karan of England have been given a chance to fill the gap left by Kagiso Rabada and Enrich Norcia.

  • 10 APR 2021 19:06 PM (IST) 

    Delhi won the toss


    The coin toss is on Delhi’s side. Rishabh Pant won the toss and elected to bat. So Delhi is going to chase the winning challenge.

  • 10 APR 2021 18:57 PM (IST) 

    Who is the boss of the toss?


    The coin toss is about to take place in just a few minutes. Therefore, everyone will be watching to see who will win this coin toss.

  • 10 APR 2021 18:51 PM (IST) 

    Chennai v Delhi


    The second match of the 14th season of the IPL will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals. The match will start in just a few minutes.

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