England Batting

England Batting: A Fragile Batting Line Up This Year Costing too Much

England Batting:

(England Batting) One thing which is common between the year 2021 and the English batting lineup is none of them were good enough, people had expected but it all went into vain. England has lost 9 test years equaled Bangladesh who lost a similar number of tests back in 2003 when they were minnows and were rising into cricket.

But it is shocking to see a Cricket team that once had a core and whose cricket was around the longest format of the game, but this doesn’t seem to be the case right now as they are looking at one of the fragile touring teams. The Woes of England batting team start to come against Sri Lanka where the only guy carrying the team was captain Joe Root.

Then came India’s tour where the story wasn’t very different but this time Root was helping the team with his bowling as well, experts and fans said that India made doctored pitches and in the Ahmedabad test they last 30 overs but in MCG they last only 27 overs.

(England Batting) So, the pitches are out of the equation and something is really wrong with the batting lineup whether it is the selection of players or the position of players, when India toured, England Haseeb Hameed played in 3rd position, and in the next match he was opening. England has been persistent with Rory Burns but he is the one who scored most ducks for England 5 in total.

The rotation policy isn’t helping England’s cause either, this policy can be a handful for them in limited over format where they had resources but this isn’t happening in the longest format.

One thing with the English batter is they are not able to put the opponent bowlers under pressure and thus resulting in batting collapses and batting failure more often than not.

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