England Southampton Weather: WTC Final Day 6

England Southampton Weather: WTC Final Day 6

England Southampton Weather: The final of the ICC World Test Championships in Southampton has shown the full impact of the season there. The two-day game has been washed out due to rain. That is, only 3 days of play have been played in the last 5 days. This is the reason that now Reserve Day is also being used today. But the big question is whether the game will be able to remain on even on Reserve Day. This is because, in the last 5 days on which the matches were held, the full game could not be played on any of the days. On the second day and the third day, only 141.2 overs could be bowled. At the same time, the game of the 5th day also started with a delay of an hour due to rain.

Southampton Weather Update: WTC Moving Towards Draw

Today is an important day of the ongoing Mahabharata between India and New Zealand. Today the title is to be decided. Who will win it in India and New Zealand is to be decided. The game is quite left in the contest. In that sense, the time is short. But, anything can happen anytime in cricket. The result can still come out if the weather is kind. Due to the weather, a complete match has not been held till now. Now weather just be kind today, cricket fans must be praying this.

According to the news coming from Southampton, today's weather is clearer than in the last 5 days.

Southampton Weather and Match

So let’s find out how is the weather in Southampton today. And, how much will it affect the game of the last day? So according to the news that is coming, today the weather in Southampton is going to be better than in the last 5 days. That means the sky will be clear. The sun will shine. Now if this is the case then the match can also be completed. That is, the teams of India and New Zealand will have every chance to win the trophy instead of sharing it.

So far in the match

At the moment, the match is in the offing of India’s second innings and they have taken a 32-run lead over New Zealand. India was bowled out for 217 in their first innings. In reply, New Zealand was bowled out for 249 in their first innings. There is a whole day’s play left in Southampton. India’s effort will be to take a big lead in a short time and New Zealand tried to bat. So that the flame of victory can be awakened.

Weather Update: accuweather.com (England Southampton Weather)



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