How did the criticism of Rishabh Pant end?

How did the criticism of Rishabh Pant end?, India Tour Of England 2021

Rishabh Pant has scored the most runs for India in Test cricket this year and during this time he has scored a century and 5 half-centuries.

Rishabh Pant has scored 1358 runs in 20 Test matches. His bat has yielded three centuries and six half-centuries.

Criticism of Rishabh Pant

You may not agree, but at this time in world cricket, the discussion about Rishabh Pant is not about anyone. There may be many big stars in Team India, but the world of cricket is shocked by Rishabh Pant. Is shocked A player whom everyone criticized changed 360 degrees in the last 6 months. The special thing is that those who criticized him were not media or cricket fans, but very big knowledge of cricket. It was voiced from many sides that how many opportunities will be given to Rishabh Pant after all? Many people had given a statement that the time has come to take a tough decision regarding Rishabh Pant. But then Rishabh Pant’s star changed.

On today’s date, their discussion starts even before Rishabh Pant gets into the ground. The biggest worry of the captain of the opposing teams is how will he handle Rishabh Pant? After all, how his ‘impact’ in the matches of the World Test Championship is tremendous? After all, how does he single-handedly reverse a match in Test cricket? There are many big reasons behind this. The first big reason – Rishabh Pant’s courage. The other big reason is the thinking of Rishabh Pant. They get into the field thinking what they have to do, then why should there be any team in the world and any bowler in front of them. The third big reason is the change in batting.

Pant does reverse sweep against fast bowler

The Indian team was playing the fourth Test match of the recent home series against England. Rishabh Pant had scored a brilliant century in that match. That century had turned the Test match in India’s favor. But the most discussed in this match was his ‘reverse sweep’ shot which he had against James Anderson. That too when Anderson had a new ball in his hand.

The reverse sweep against the player who is the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket. There was a discussion in the commentary after that shot, what must have been going on at the time of James Anderson.

In the same series, he hit a six with a reverse sweep on the ball of Joffra Archer during the T20 match. Both these shots were enough to surprise cricket experts around the world. Think for a second that reverse sweep on the fast bowler’s ball. Jofra Archer bowls at an average speed of 150 kilometers. In such a situation, a lapse can be very heavy.

Charismatic performance against Australia and England

Apart from this, if Rishabh Pant will discuss the other aspect of batting, then the tour of Australia is in front, where he almost changed the match in the fourth innings of the Sydney Test. The Indian team was chasing a target of around 400 runs and they had scored 97 runs. After this, what he could not do in Sydney, he did in Brisbane. His 89-run knock-out not out due to the dreaded batting, India won in Brisbane. In that match too, the Indian team was chasing a difficult target of 328 runs.

After this, the effect of Rishabh Pant was also evident in the series against England. In the last Test, he changed the match on his own. In this match, he also gave that special boundary to James Anderson, which we have mentioned.

That is, now Rishabh Pant comes down to the ground thinking about what he has to do. They do not care about which team is in front. The special thing is that when he comes to bat, he plays with the guard of the leg stump but slowly he plays in front of the entire wicket and then ‘hits the ball outside the off-stump in tremendous style.

If the Rishabh Pant well, keeping is also good

Talk to any wicket-keeper batsman in the world. He will definitely say this. If the player is batting well, then keeping him is also good. Both of these are such tasks in which walking the feet properly is very important. It is said that when the feet move well during batting, the legs move well at the time of keeping the back of the wicket as well.

Dhoni also came with him, it was the same with him. In the early days, he was not a great keeper. His keeping was average. At times, he was called ‘goalkeeper’ in mockery and sarcasm. But slowly his batting started getting brilliant. When he came to believe in batting, then he started appearing in keeping. Once he was confirmed a place in the team, he worked hard on keeping. As a result, later, he surprised the whole world several times with his quickness behind the wicket. His name recorded the record for fastest stumping in world cricket. Which he made by dismissing Chemo Paul of West Indies. When Dhoni had scattered the gills in just 0.08 seconds.

The same is being said for Rishabh Pant. Now that there has been a tremendous change in his batting, it will also have an impact on his keeping. The final of the World Test Championship against New Zealand first in England and then the long Test series against England can take Rishabh Pant’s stature to a new level.

Rishabh Pant

Indian Cricketer

Rishabh Rajendra Pant is a professional Indian cricketer who plays as a middle-order wicket-keeper batsman for India, Delhi, and the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. In December 2015, he was named to India’s squad for the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Wikipedia
Born4 October 1997 (age 23 years), Roorkee
Height1.7 m

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