Bad news: India-Pakistan won't clash, Asia Cup 2021 canceled due to coronavirus

Bad news: India-Pakistan won’t clash, Asia Cup 2021 canceled due to coronavirus

Pakistan had hosted the Asia Cup this time. But the Coronavirus sacrificed another tournament.

India and Pakistan last played in the World Cup in 2019.

Asia Cup Canceled

Asia Cup T20 Cricket tournament has been canceled due to Coronavirus cases. Pakistan hosted this tournament. But due to increasing cases of corona in the Indian subcontinent, it was decided to cancel the tournament. With this, the hopes of fans watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan have also been broken. Bilateral cricket between these two neighboring countries has been closed for many years. The two teams play each other in tournaments such as the ICC or Asia Cup. The last time both countries met face to face in the 2019 World Cup. This is the second major tournament in recent times, which has been postponed or canceled due to Corona. Recently, IPL 2021 was also suspended.

By the way, Asia Cup was to be held in the year 2020. But last year too, due to Corona cases, it was planned to be done in 2021. Earlier this tournament was to be held in Pakistan. But it was proposed in Sri Lanka after the Indian team refused to go there. Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley D’Silva told reporters, “Due to the circumstances that are going on now, it is not possible to have a tournament in June this year.” He said that this tournament can now be held after the 2023 World Cup. Because the schedule of the next two years of all the teams has already been fixed.

Flight entry closed for 10 days in Sri Lanka

De Silva said that the Asian Cricket Council will make an official announcement about it soon. In South Asia countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, cases of corona have increased rapidly in recent times. Due to this, flights from many countries have also stopped. Sri Lanka has stopped the entry of flights coming into the country on May 19 for 10 days. However, the Sri Lankan team is still in Bangladesh to play three ODIs.

The last time this tournament was played in the UAE in 2018 was when India won. Earlier in 2016, the Asia Cup was held in T20 format. At that time India also won. Team India has won the Asia Cup maximum of seven times. After that comes the name of Sri Lanka, which has won this tournament five times.

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