Domestic Cricket

Indian Domestic Cricket: BCCI looking for ways to start the domestic season

Indian Domestic Cricket:

(Indian Domestic Cricket) A meeting was held by BCCI in order to start back the domestic cricket back, earlier the

BCCI canceled all the domestic matches because of rising Covid-19 cases in the country,

the season was about to start on the 13th of January but the board postponed because of rising cases

the board is keen to start the Ranji season, which is the ultimate trophy in the Indian domestic cricket, and lots of youngster plays this,

this is not the first time the board has postponed the Ranji season along with several others when the

Corona outbreak came then also the board was forced to postpone the domestic cricket of India.

A board official who was the part of the meeting said “There were initial discussions and the overriding sentiments are for us to restart the season. Nothing concrete has been decided yet, but yes, the board will see if the Ranji season can be revived,”

in the meeting, there were different officials from the states board and BCCI wants to start the Ranji season immediately,

the state officials gave the suggestion to make such arrangements that the Ranji trophy can be played alongside IPL, which

requires a free window in the month of April and May, and according to some reports BCCI wants to hold the Ranji Trophy in

two phases, the first phase before IPL and the knockout stage of Ranji trophy to be held after IPL,


Why it was Postponed?

The reason behind postponing the domestic cricket was the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country at one point

of time Delhi and Mumbai were reporting more than 20,000 cases per day and that time it was impossible to host the seasons,

as this could have been proven lot costly to the BCCI and the players won’t feel that comfortable.

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