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IPL 2021: Sanju did not strike in the first match, Chris Morris shined in the second match!

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Chris Morris bravely crossed Rajasthan's victory boat and made Sanju Samson think, who was sitting in the dugout, "I should have given a strike in the match against Punjab ..." (IPL 2021 Rajasthan Royals Vs Delhi Capital Chris Morris Hit 4 Sixes)

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Royals (David Miller and Chris Morris shined) defeated Delhi Capitals by three wickets in the seventh match of IPL 2021. This is Rajasthan’s first win of this season. In the first match, it lost to Punjab Kings in a close match. In the scoresheet, Rajasthan Royals have defeated Delhi Capitals in this match, but if the ground reality is seen, then the Delhi Capitals have lost to South Africa. Actually, two players from South Africa decided to defeat Delhi. Had it not been for these two South African players, Rajasthan would have hardly won at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday at the hands of the Delhi Capitals and their winning streak could have remained dry.

These two players are the most expensive players in IPL history, Chris Morris and David Miller. Both have been playing international cricket for South Africa. Together, both of them wrote the script of Rajasthan’s victory against Delhi. Both of them bat at the right time. Chasing the target of 148 runs given by Delhi, Rajasthan had lost four wickets for 36 runs. South African fire started from here.

Chris Morris made Sanju think!

Chris Morris bravely led Rajasthan to victory and made Sanju Samson, who was sitting in the dugout, think, “I should have given a strike in the match against Punjab.”

What happened between Sanju Samson and Chris Morris?

In the match against Punjab, Rajasthan needed 13 runs in the last over to win. Punjab skipper KL Rahul handed the ball to Arshdeep Singh. Sanju Samson was on strike… Arshdeep bowled the first ball very well. On which no run scored. Samson took a run off Arshad’s second ball. On the third ball, Morris took a run and gave the strike back to Sanju. Naturally, Arshdeep did not give the batsman a chance to hit an aggressive shot on the second and third balls.

Sanju Samson hit a superb six off Arshdeep’s fourth ball. The fifth ball Samson planned to hit outside the boundary but the fielder on the boundary blocked the ball. A run would have been easy this time but Sanju, full of confidence, decided not to run, he sent Chris Morris back from the half-pitch and he played the sixth ball with the confidence that I could win the match by hitting sixes while hitting 5 runs on the last ball. With 1 ball needed for 5 runs, he caught Deepak Hooda near the boundary in an attempt to hit a lofty shot.

Sanju doesn’t trust Morris?

Earlier, a run was scored on the fifth ball. Still, Sanju sent Chris Morris back from half a pitch without taking a run. Sanju’s decision is now being discussed. Doesn’t Sanju believe Chris Morris, This question came to the mind of everyone who watched the match.

(IPL 2021 Rajasthan Royals Vs Delhi Capital Chris morris Hit 4 Sixes)

Samson never takes that single run

However, even after winning his first match, Samson was asked about his disputed single run in the last match. Samson was asked to regret the decision not to hit a six on the last ball and not give a strike to Chris Morris of the match against the Punjab Kings, who stood at the other end on the fifth ball. Samson talked about this for the first time that he was given a second chance, that he would never do this. He said, ‘I always review my game after the match. Even if I play the last match again, I will not take that single 100 times. After the last match, when we talked about it, I had said the same thing.

Chris Morris has no regrets

When Maurice was asked the same question, he said in response to this, when Sanju refused to give me a strike, I was not disappointed at all. In that match, he was shooting brilliant shots. Samson said that he was finding it difficult to win after losing five wickets for 42 runs. Samson said, ‘To be honest, after losing five wickets for 42 runs, I thought it would be difficult now. We had David Miller and Chris Maurice but I thought it would be difficult. I was sitting inside praying that Morris hit one more six.

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