Johnny Briggs took all 10 wickets in an innings, causing havoc with the bat after wreaking havoc with the ball

Johnny Briggs took all 10 wickets in an innings, causing havoc with the bat after wreaking havoc with the ball

You will not believe knowing it, but this spunky player has 2221 wickets in his name. Apart from this, more than 14 thousand runs have also been scored.

10 Wickets in an Innings

This bowler has 2221 wickets in his name. With the bat of this cricketer, more than 14 thousand runs have also been scored. In Test cricket, it has also done the feat of taking 8 wickets for just 11 runs. But the work done by this player on this day is not seen in the cricket world every day. This is because today was the day of May 24, when this spunky player named Johnny Briggs took the full ten wickets in an innings. Not only this, in addition to his ten wickets in winning this match, the valuable runs scored by the bat also contributed significantly. Come, know the interesting story of this historical match between Lancashire and Worcestershire in 1900.

The match was played between 24 to 26 May at Old Trafford. On the very first day of the match, the Worcestershire team came out to bat first, and then Johnny Briggs put the line of wickets one after the other. The team was bundled out for 106 runs and Briggs gave an amazing feat to hunt all ten players for 55 runs. In the bowling of 28.5 overs, he also bowled 7 overs maiden. In response, Lancashire scored 205 runs in the first innings. Most of the 79 runs came off Tildesley’s bat, but Briggs also played useful innings of 33 runs. Wilson took six wickets. Now Worcestershire’s second innings collapsed for 253 runs. Opener Foster scored a brilliant century of 113 runs. The contribution of 31 runs came from the bat of Wilson. Now to win, Lancashire got the target of 155 runs, which they achieved by losing 5 wickets.

This has been the performance in the Test for England

Johnny Briggs played 33 Test matches for England. In this, he took 118 wickets. Talking about the best score in the innings, he gave the way to the pavilion to eight batsmen with just 11 runs. Apart from this, 15 wickets for 28 runs in the match his best performance. Briggs took five wickets nine times in the innings and ten wickets in the match 4 times. In 33 Tests, he also scored 815 runs with the help of 1 century and 2 half-centuries.

King of Domestic Cricket

Johnny Briggs is counted among the kings of domestic cricket. If there is any doubt in this matter, then take a look at these figures. Johnny has played 535 first-class matches in his career. In this, he has taken 2221 wickets. During this, his best performance in the innings 10 wickets for 55 runs. Briggs took 5 wickets in 200 innings, then ten wickets in the match, he took 52 times. In these 535 matches, Briggs’ bat also did not make any less noise. He scored 14092 runs. In which 10 centuries and 58 catches were also included. He also has 258 catches in first-class matches.


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