Kapil Dev's advice to Virat Kohli has been of great use, if he agrees then consider becoming champion

Kapil Dev advice to Virat Kohli, if he follow then consider becoming champion

Former captain of India, Kapil Dev has given him a piece of specialist advice to make sure that there is no lapse in England with Captain Kohli.

Haste in England will cause jumble - Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev’s Advice

Kapil Dev. The great all-rounder, former India captain, and above all, won the first World Cup of ODIs in India. how to hit the field in the ICC tournament. How to overcome the challenges of the opposing team. Kapil Dev has mastered it and he has done it too. But, current Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is just the opposite. Those batsmen are big. He has also achieved many milestones in captaincy but ICC has stayed away from him in the tournament title. Who can be better than Kapil Dev who advises how to win WTC Final and how to present himself as a captain.

The Indian team is leaving for England on 2 June, where it will be seen attending the WTC Final from 18 June to 22 June. After that, from August 4, Team India has to play Test series against England. The intentions of the Indian team for both these missions on the tour of England are elevated. But, should there be no mistake with Captain Kohli, then former India captain Kapil Dev has given him a piece of specialist advice.

Avoid over-aggression Kohli- Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev said, “Virat Kohli may not score a century, but he is scoring runs. He is also expected to score runs in England. But, while doing so, they have to avoid their extreme aggression. ” He said, “They get a little excited, which is their nature.” But I am afraid that they might not get too aggressive. They have to test their aggression from session to session. It would be better to wait for the moment to climb the opposing team than show more aggression.”

Haste in England will cause a jumble

The former India captain further said, “They have to score runs, but with restraint.” By doing too much in the condition of England or nothing will be achieved quickly. There you will have to keep an eye on the movement of the ball. If you play seam and swing better then take some restraint then you will have success in England together.”


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