Mohammad Hasnain

Mohammad Hasnain: Pakistani bowler suspended from bowling after action found illegal

Mohammad Hasnain:

(Mohammad Hasnain) bowling is an art and in this art, every bowler wants perfection whether they are fast bowlers or spinners everyone of them wants to get the perfect outcome of their bowling.

but to get this perfection sometimes bowlers tend to do a few things which can affect how they bowl, and so keep everything fair ICC has set some rules about bending the elbow, this is because when the bowler bends their elbow they can generate more zip in their bowling.

Now there are many bowlers in history whose actions have been found illegal and they have been banned from bowling in international cricket till they adjust their bending elbow.

and the current addition to this list is Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain, he was playing in BBL but in one of the matches, Australian cricketer Moises Henriques said ” Nice Throw” to him.

and then his action was reported, now in the Lahore research center his action has been found illegal and he has been suspended from bowling in all forms of cricket.

PCB received a detailed report in which it was stated that ” his elbow extension for his good length delivery, full-length delivery, slow bouncer and bouncer exceeded the 15-degree limits,”

What does the ICC rule say?

Current regulations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) set a limit of 15 degrees of permissible straightening of the elbow joint for all bowlers in international cricket. This law applies between the point at which the bowling arm passes above shoulder height and the point at which the ball is released.

Not the End of Hasnain Bowling

although Mohammad Hasnain has been suspended from the bowling completely it is still not done for the young Pakistani bowler, in their statement, PCB has said that.

they have spoken to their bowling expert and they have found that Hasnain’s bowling problem can be solved now he will be assigned a bowling consultant who will be working with Mohammad Hasnain till his action gets the required correction, but till then he will not be able to bowl in international cricket.


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