Veteran players threaten to retire before India-Sri Lanka series

Veteran players threaten to retire before India-Sri Lanka series

Sri Lankan cricketers are angry about the new score-based grading system.

A series of ODIs and T20 matches is proposed between India and Sri Lanka in July this year. Although there is a question about whether or not this series will be able to take place amid the growing cases of Coronavirus, in the meantime, the tension with the board of cricketers is seen increasing before the series. In fact, the players of the Sri Lankan cricket team have threatened to retire their country’s board prematurely.(India-Sri Lanka series) The reason for the threat is the new marks-based grading system of the board, through which it is decided to assess the annual earnings of the cricketers.

Sri Lankan cricketers demand that this system be made more transparent and they should be told how they will be given marks based on grade. That is because it will have a direct and profound impact on their earnings. Under the new system, the players are divided into four different groups. In this, marks will be given based on their fitness level, discipline, leadership ability, their total contribution towards the team, and their performance in international and domestic cricket in the last two years. Just for this, the players want the board to disclose how these numbers will be allotted so that they can understand the whole process more closely and improve the areas where they have shortcomings. However, the names of the players who threatened to retire, have not yet been revealed.

The demand for Players, the process of allocating points should be transparent…

The Sunday Times report quoted the player’s representative mark in the Sri Lanka Cricket Contract negotiation, saying every player personally believes that they should be made part of the process of allocating points. Transparency also brings solidarity and harmony. In this case, all the players are united. At the same time, Ashley DeSilva, a member of the Sri Lanka Cricket Management Committee, has said that the contract has been amended according to the demand of the players. We are now in the process of sharing with senior players after finalizing the contract. So far no player has said that he will not sign this contract.


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