WTC: Rain turned villain in Test World Cup final

Rain turned villain in Test World Cup final

WTC Rain: Just before the World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand, it rained heavily at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Southampton. In such a situation, fans can get bad news.

Rain on WTC

Southampton Weather Update by Google
Southampton Weather Update by Google

When a stone suddenly comes into the mouth while eating food, then the whole taste becomes gritty. Cricket fans around the world must be feeling the same way at the moment. That is because on the one hand there are few hours left for the start of the biggest match of Test cricket, while on the other hand the sound of rain and the influx of fans including the players of India and New Zealand. Worry lines have been put. The concern is more because, from June 18, the ICC World Test Championship between the Indian team led by Virat Kohli and New Zealand captained by Kane Williamson. Even before the start of the rain has become a villain. A day before the final i.e. on June 17, it rained heavily in Southampton. Come, let us tell you how much rain will affect this great match on the first day of the match i.e. Friday 18th June.


Southampton Weather Update by Google
Southampton Weather Update by Google Hindi

In fact, the match between India and New Zealand will begin on June 18 and continue till June 22. But the problem is that four of these five days have been predicted by the Meteorological Department. There is also concern that stormy winds have been predicted for a day or two. According to the Meteorological Department, it will rain all day except June 21, the fourth day of the match. We have already seen that the recent Test series between England and New Zealand was also affected by rain, which ended the first match in a draw.


Difficult to play 90 overs on day one

If the possibility of rain at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Southampton is to be considered right, then the fans will be shocked. But the rain in England has its own style and if the rain in Southampton is seen in the past, then it does not take long for the rain to start and stop. In such a situation, it is believed that according to the rain that is expected on the first day, the match can be affected by two to three hours. This also means that instead of 90 on the first day, fans can get to see only 60 to 70 overs of play. Now everyone will get the answer to the question of how much time is played in the first match of ICC World Test Championship, but the biggest question is that between India and New Zealand, which team will hold this trophy.

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