When Sachin Tendulkar said to the Pakistani bowler - Saeed Bhai, don't play so much seriously, enjoy the match

When Sachin Tendulkar said to the Pakistani bowler – Saeed Bhai, don’t play so much seriously, enjoy the match

Yuvraj Singh had scored a century for the rest of the world in this match, but Sachin Tendulkar's team had won due to Aaron Finch's century.

Enjoy the Match

Former Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal narrated a funny incident involving Sachin Tendulkar in a conversation. This incident happened in the year 2014 during the match between MCC and the rest of the world. It was a charity match in which many big players in the cricket world played. The rest of the team played in the team like Adam Gilchrist, Virender Sehwag, Kevin Pietersen, Yuvraj Singh, Shahid Afridi, and Shane Warne. At the MCC, there were veterans like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saeed Ajmal.

The rest of the world batting first in the match. In this, Saeed Ajmal took four wickets in his first four overs. With this, the rest of the world score was 68 for five wickets in 12 overs. During this time, there was a conversation between Sachin Tendulkar and Saeed Ajmal. In an interview given to Cricket Pakistan, Ajmal said that Sachin came running to him and said that have fun in the match because it is a charity match. The longer the match goes on, the more the funds will come. Saeed Ajmal said, ‘It was an MCC match. It was a friendly match. Players had to spend time in the field because the longer the match went on, the more funds would be collected. When the match started, I took four wickets in four overs.

Sachin came and said, Saeed Bhai, don’t play so serious

Saeed Ajmal further said, “So Sachin Tendulkar came running to him. He said that Saeed Bhai, you should not play this match with such seriousness. This is a charity match. For those people who have come to enjoy here, those people will eat and drink. This match should not end before half-past six. So I told him that I am bowling positively. So he said that I agree with you but if it is a charity match, fundraising will have to be done. So enjoy the match, play cricket and have fun. So it all happened in the match.

Later in this match, with the help of Yuvraj Singh’s 132 runs, the rest of the world team scored 293 runs for seven wickets. But from MCC, Aaron Finch scored 181 runs in 145 balls and achieved the target in 45.5 overs with seven wickets in hand.

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