Scared of Rohit Sharma's name

Scared of Rohit Sharma’s name!,The Pakistani bowler

Scared of Rohit Sharma’s name! The Pakistani bowler said: Dangerous and mind-blowing batsman

That Pakistani bowler said – Hitman, the name he has got suits him. He can get rid of any bowler's sixes when he has his day.

There is not much competition between India and Pakistan. Therefore, nowadays players of both countries are getting fewer opportunities to play against each other. However, what if you don’t play? Watching each other’s games. In such a situation, a current bowler of Pakistan’s team has made a big comment on a batsman of Virat Kohli’s Team India. From his statements, it seems that he is more afraid of this batsman. He has called the Indian batsman dangerous and a bowler who blows his mind when he has his day.

Now just know who is that Pakistan bowler and Indian batsman after all? So the name of the Pakistani bowler is Hasan Ali and the Indian batsman he named is Rohit Sharma. Hasan Ali of the Pakistan team led by Babar Azam is one of the main weapons of bowling. At the same time, Rohit Sharma is called the Hitman of Team India.

Scared of Rohit Sharma!

Now in the interview given to Cricwick, the name of the most dangerous batsman the one who brings the bowlers’ shaamat, was asked. On this, he took the name of Team India’s vice-captain, Rohit Sharma. Hasan Ali said that the name Hitman suits him. He can get rid of any bowler’s sixes when he has his day. Hasan Ali and Rohit Sharma have not played much cricket against each other. They are just seen playing against each other in the ICC tournament.

Rohit has plenty of time for shots – Hasan Ali

Rohit Sharma is India’s frontline batsman in limited-overs cricket. He is the only batsman in the world to have 3 double centuries in ODI cricket. Hasan Ali said in the interview, “Rohit Sharma has a lot of time to play his shot. These are his abilities. He picks up the line quickly and plays shots with ease. He is a dangerous batsman. He said that Rohit is the most troubled to the bowler.

Hasan Ali is the main bowler of Pakistan

However, he said that if he ever gets a chance to bowl against Rohit in the near future, he would definitely like to. Hasan Ali will currently be seen playing for Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League. He is an important weapon of the Pakistani team, bowling right-handed, taking 57 wickets in 13 Tests, 83 wickets in 54 ODIs, and 48 wickets in 36 T20Is.

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