World's first player to be dismissed in Test Cricket

World’s first player to be dismissed in Test Cricket

Test Cricket: It is as interesting for cricket fans to know about this incident as it is to know about the unmatched record of this game.

Nate Thomson is the first player to be dismissed in cricket history.

Frist dismissed in Test Cricket

India and New Zealand may be playing the final of the World Cup of Test Cricket today, but did you know that the world’s first Test match was played in 1877. I.e. 144 years ago. Australia and England were facing each other in the match. What happened in this match who won, who performed, has all been recorded in the golden book of history. That’s because it was through this match that this most prestigious format of the game was started. It’s another thing that a player hardly wants to miss this match. That player’s name is Nate Thomson. Thomson is the first batsman to be dismissed in cricket history. But what happened to him three weeks after this poor record is even more shocking. Thomson’s birthday is today, May 29.

Nate Thomson was born on 29 May 1839. He was a part of the playing team of the Australian team in the first Test match of the world against England. Thomson went on to open with Charles Bannerman in this match. But England’s fast bowler Alan Hill was bowled out by scoring just 1 run. This test was the first wicket in cricket history. Allen used to play for Yorkshire in the Hill County Championship. Nate Thomson’s career came to an end only three weeks after this test, which he did not even think about. Thomson was dropped from the team after the second test. That too when he scored 41 runs in the second innings of the second test when none of the Australian batsmen had touched the 50-run mark. Thomson scored 67 runs at an average of 16.75 in his 2-Test career. After that, he could never play for Australia. He died on 2 September 1896 at the age of 57.

Bannerman alone scored 165 out of 245 runs

As far as the first test match of cricket history is concerned, in this, Australia batted first and scored a score of 245 runs. In this, Charles Bannerman scored the maximum 165 runs opener. It was also the first century in cricket history. Apart from him, no player could even touch the 20-run mark. Alfred Shaw and James Southarton took three wickets each for England. In response, England’s team was reduced to 196 runs. Opener Harry Jupp scored 63 while Harry Charlwood contributed 36 and Alan Hill contributed 35 runs. Billy Midwinter took five wickets.

The target of 154 runs, England’s team scored 108 runs

Australia scored 104 runs in the second innings. The entire team was reduced to this score in 68 overs. Tom Horan scored the most 20 runs, while Alfred Shaw took 5 wickets for England. Three wickets were recorded in George Eliot’s account. Australia set a target of 154 runs for England to win. However, achieving this for England proved to be a difficult task. The entire team could score only 108 runs and lost the match by 45 runs. John Selby scored 38 runs, but no other batsman could show the spirit to stay on the wicket. For Australia, Tom Kendall took 7 wickets.

Nat Thomson

Australian cricketer
Nathaniel Frampton Davis Thomson was an Australian cricketer who played in the first two Tests ever played, in 1877. When Australia won the toss on 15 March 1877 and elected to bat, Nat Thomson came out with Australia’s No. 1 batsman Charles Bannerman to form the first-ever Test batting partnership. Wikipedia
Died2 September 1896, Burwood, Australia


World's first player to be dismissed in Test Cricket,Black and white image of Tom Horan.
Black and white image of Tom Horan.

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