WTC Final 2021: India vs New Zealand

WTC Final Day 5: India Vs New Zealand

WTC Final Day 5: Today is the fifth day of the ICC World Test Championship Final between India and New Zealand. The weather is expected to improve in Southampton today after two days of the match being completely washed out. However, the game once again could not start on time, as it started raining shortly before, due to which the covers were put on the ground again. In response to India’s 217 runs in the first innings, New Zealand scored 101 runs for the loss of 2 wickets on the third day. The Kiwi team is 116 runs behind India. Team India has the challenge to stop New Zealand on less than its score today. However, looking at the situation, the match seems to be heading towards a draw.

WTC 2021 Final: India Vs New Zealand, Day 3

Match Highlights

Williamson-Taylor craved for a wicket

The start of the match was delayed by an hour due to rain just before the start of the fifth day’s play. All three pacers bowled for India in the first hour. The line and length were tight, but there was no success in the first one hour. However, Williamson and Taylor did not score too many runs.

Shami-Ishant brought success

In the second hour of the first session, the Indian bowlers tasted the fruits of the pressure of the first hour. Mohammed Shami got India’s first breakthrough of the day by dismissing Ross Taylor (11). Then in the last 3 overs just before lunch, Ishant Sharma and Shami got one more wicket each. New Zealand scored 34 runs in this session and lost 3 wickets.

New Zealand all out on 249, lead by 32 runs

In the second session, India all out New Zealand for 249 runs. However, New Zealand took a 32-run lead over India with the help of captain Kane and the lower-order batsmen. In the second session also, Shami was the most successful and took two wickets. Williamson scored 49 runs for New Zealand. Shami took 4 wickets for India.

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THE END, Day 5

India- 64/2

Rohit got out

Just a few overs before the end of the day’s play, India got a big setback. Rohit Sharma is out LBW.

Indian batsmen dealing with Jamieson

Jamieson is constantly trying to trap the Indian batsmen for a wrong shot on the line of the off-stump. Till now Rohit Sharma and Pujara have foiled every attempt. This time too, Rohit made good use of forwarding defense from dropping the ball in this over.

India- 51/1

Achievements of Kiwi Giants

NZ got the first wicket on 2nd innings

Tim Southee has dismissed Shubman Gill LBW.

India – 27/1

India – 24/0

One more boundary from Rohit’s bat

Rohit’s big four

Rohit Sharma has got the first four of India’s second innings. Round the wicket for Rohit, left-arm pacer Trent Boult’s last ball was short and Rohit got a lot of time on it. He made a crisp square cut and got a boundary from the middle of the covers-point. Tremendous shot.

India – 11/0

What did Sachin Tendulkar say on Indian performance?

Second innings started




Jadeja Bold Southee, Southee bold out after hitting a SIX to Sir Jadeja

New Zealand – 249

DRS save 10th Wicket

The 9th Wicket

Ashwin has given India success in his second over of the day. Left-handed batsman Neil Wagner tried to defend Ashwin, but the bat hit the edge and Ajinkya Rahane, standing in the slips, took a fine catch near his throat.

New Zealand – 234/9

Saudi’s four on Ashwin

New Zealand – 224/8

K Williamson out, Missed his 50

Kane Williamson, proving to be the biggest obstacle in India’s path, has finally returned to the pavilion. Ishant Sharma has got the biggest success.

New Zealand – 211/7

New Zealand – 192/7

Shami got one more wicket

Shami has taken the wicket of Jamieson.

Jamieson hits a six on Shami

Luck has favored Williamson. In the case of impact and hitting the wicket, the ‘umpire’s call’ is given by the third umpire. Now the umpire’s decision was not out, so Williamson survived. But it was a great ball.

DRS against Williamson

A great ball from Shami is hit on the pads of Kane Williamson and LBW appeals. Umpire has given not out, but India has taken DRS.

New Zealand – 173/6

Got 6th Wicket

India has taken the new ball and Mohammed Shami has also brought success. Shami has dismissed Colin de Grandhomme LBW on the very first ball of the over. On India’s appeal, the umpire gave a straight out, De Grandhomme did not take DRS and it was the right decision, as his decision would have been wrong. This is Shami’s third wicket

New Zealand – 162/6

New Zealand complete 150 runs

Kiwi team has completed its 150 runs. After lunch, 16 runs have come in the first 6 overs of the second session, while so many runs came in the first one hour of the first session. Ravindra Jadeja has taken out another over quickly, with the help of which India’s over rate seems to be improving.

Spin attack for the first time in today’s day

Spin attack has been applied for the first time in today’s day. Looking at de Grandhomme’s aggressive style, left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja has come on the attack. A few overs from Jadeja will also help in speeding up the overrate. However, with the arrival of the spinner, it will be easier for the Kiwi batsmen to collect singles and doubles.

New Zealand – 144/5

Grandhomme starts from the boundary

The game of the second session has started and the very first ball of Jasprit Bumrah, who came on the bowling, is sent by Colin de Grandhomme towards the covers boundary for 4 runs. New Zealand has got off to a good start. In the first session, the effect of the famine was visible on the Kiwi team and the score did not change much, but the wickets fell. In such a situation, New Zealand needs some quick runs, so that not only runs but also puts pressure on India. De Grandhomme can do this work in the best way.



Good comeback for India

The game of the first session is over and in the last 45 minutes, India has taken their lead in this session by taking 3 wickets. In the first hour, India did not get a wicket despite bowling well, but in the second part, Shami and Ishant Sharma took three wickets and strengthened Team India in the Test.

Superb Shami, Watling bold

boldโ€ฆ BJ Watling bold. Shami’s excellent ball and BJ Watling completely missed and got bowled. Once again the change in bowling worked. Shami, who returned to bowl from Bumrah’s end, placed a good length ball on the line of the middle-off stump, which Watling tried to defend by coming forward, but the ball swung out and Watling’s stumps were shattered. Great ball.

New Zealand- 135/5

Ishant brought success, the fourth wicket fell

With the change in bowling, the wicket has also arrived. Ishant Sharma has taken the wicket of Henry Nicholls in the very first over of his new spell. Eventually, the Indian bowlers were successful in bringing the edge of the Kiwi batsman’s bat to the slip. Left-handed Nicholls was bowled by Ishant making a round-the-wicket angle, on which Nicholls defended on the front foot, but took the outer edge of the bat and was caught at slip, where Rohit Sharma dived to the right from second slip. Took a catch.

New Zealand- 134/4

New Zealand- 128/3

The third wicket fell, Taylor out

India has finally got its first success today. Ross Taylor has returned to the pavilion after getting out. India has been given success by Mohammed Shami, who has been India’s most effective bowler so far in this innings. Shami tempted Taylor for a drive and Taylor caught Gill standing on the extra covers. Gill took a tremendous catch by diving his right over. great success.

New Zealand – 117/3

Use Bouncers by Indian Bowlers-Ayaz Memon

hard first hour

India’s bag remained empty in one hour’s game. India’s over rate is very slow. Only 12 overs per hour. New Zealand’s run rate is even slower. Only 16 runs have been scored in an hour, but it is still a good situation for New Zealand because in case of no wickets, the Indian pacers will start getting tired and then Williamson and Taylor can use their experience to collect runs when the spinners land.

New Zealand – 117/2

Great start from Shami

Mohammed Shami, who came as the first change of the day, put New Zealand’s batsmen in trouble as soon as he arrived. Shami’s first two deliveries were on the line of off-stump and Taylor tried to defend them but missed due to out-swing.

Once again Maiden over, New Zealand – 106/2

LBW appeals against Taylor

Another over from Ishant was good. This time there was an LBW appeal against Taylor, which was rejected by the umpire. India also did not take DRS, which was the right decision, as the ball was coming out of the leg-stump. Then Ishant also bowled a good bouncer to Williamson, which was caught by Rishabh Pant in the air behind the wicket.

Bumrah bolled Maiden over, New Zealand – 102/2

Ishant’s inswingers

Ishant Sharma came in with the second over of the day and used the inswing from the first ball itself. The first two balls were caught behind the wicket on the leg-side, while the next four were better off and on the line of the middle stump. The speed has also been kept consistently above 135 kilometers per hour. Taylor also played all the balls well.

Maiden over, New Zealand – 102/2

Good start from Bumrah’s over

Jasprit Bumrah’s first over was very good. Very close to the off-stump and a very straight line. Williamson missed once completely, while taking the edge of the bat off the last ball, the ball bounced towards the slip. However, due to the light hand, the catch could not reach the slip.

New Zealand – 102/2

WTC Final Day 5

Finally, fifth-day play started

The fifth day’s play begins

The players have arrived on the field. New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are at the crease. Williamson will be on strike and Jasprit Bumrah is attacking from India in front of him.

Today’s session

The condition of today’s game will be something like this. A total of 91 overs can be bowled (if the rain does not become a hindrance). Session by session these times are fixed-

First Session โ€“ 4 โ€“ 6 PM (IST)

Second Session โ€“ 6.40 โ€“ 8.40 PM

Third session โ€“ 9 โ€“ 11 PM

The game will start at 4 o’clock

Umpires took stock of the ground

The umpires have come on the field to investigate the situation and will soon give their verdict. At present, light sunshine was seen in Southampton. Hopefully, the game can start soon.

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